Yana Nestsiarava: Keeping Busy in Belarus

Yana Nestsiarava
Date: 08/07/2020

With lockdowns easing across the globe, and many people beginning to take those first tentative steps back to normality, we'll be catching up with some of our World Series cliff divers during these weeks to find out how life has been for them recently.

This week we're chatting to Yana Nestsiarava, who recently celebrated her 28th birthday. Whilst restrictions haven't been too tough in her home country, the absence of competition has allowed the Belarusian to try out a few alternative career paths. Read on to find out more.

Is there anything you have learned about yourself during the last few months? Any life lessons, emotions or experiences that you can take away from this period?

Actually in my country, Belarus, nothing has changed. We did not have quarantine, everything was open, everyone had to go to their job. The pool was open, we trained children, my life has not changed since the last competition in mid September; we only tried to move as little in the city as possible, meet less with people. As the government didn't forbid, we tried the best for ourselves.

Is there anything you took for granted before that you now truly appreciate?

Now I don't feel comfortable when I go outside or when I communicate with people, and of course it's about traveling; even to another city. Before something like this pandemic could happen was unthinkable! I lost the feeling of safety everywhere, but I see how many people don't care. I'm not worried about myself; I am afraid for my family, or if I could be dangerous for other people.

How has the situation affected your training?

We had no restrictions, but I still tried to train more at home. Anyway I think my pool will be closed for July, August, because will be no rent, after we will see. So I'm going to train in a Belarusian village, to learn how to rebuild a house, plant vegetables, and who knows what else:) Let's get some new profession!

Nestsiarava has been chopping grass instead of ripping water this summer.

What are you missing most about the World Series this summer?

I miss everything: traveling, new places, challenges, adrenaline, even eternal problems with visas and documents! I miss the team. I miss the time when we are done with the competition and finally can relax, celebrate together and make plans for the near future.

Are you keeping in touch with any of the other cliff divers?

Yes, but usually after chatting, I'm a bit sad because I realize how I miss them!

This is how we remember Nestsiarava in her preferred line of work. Photo: Romina Amato/Red Bull Content Pool.

If you could name 3 things that helped you through the last few months the most, what would they be?

If we did have lockdown months... could be internet, drinks and cats :)

Dancefloor or platform – if you could be on one of these tomorrow, which would it be?

Depends on if I need to dive or for example take a photo on platform;) Anyway I don't like to dance:)

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