Wildcards - Men

Aidan Heslop
Date: 14/01/2020

At each stop during the 2020 season, the eight permanent male divers will be joined by four wildcard divers. Although different wildcards will compete at different events, and some will appear more than others, they can each earn points and ranking in exactly the same way as the permanent athletes.


Blake Aldridge (Great Britain)


The 37-year-old Brit missed out on qualification and will appear as a wildcard in 2020. Aldridge has more than 30 years of experience in the sport of diving, lived through ups and downs, transitioned successfully from an Olympic Games finalist in synchronised platform diving to the winner of two World Series events from the 27m platform.

Nikita Fedotov (Russia)


The first ever wildcard to debut with a podium finish - the 24-year-old Russian might become one of the next rising stars of the World Series.

Miguel Garcia (Colombia)


Since his 7th-place finish on home soil during the 2015 season opener in Cartagena, the 29-year-old from Colombia has drawn some attention to himself. Born and bred in the same place as cliff diving legend Orlando Duque, Miguel Garcia will get his chance to prove his talent once again in 2020.

Carlos Gimeno (Spain)


Carlos Gimeno made his debut on home soil in Bilbao in 2018. The 30-year-old proved his skills and we will see him back on the 27m platform this season.

Sergio Guzman (Mexico)


Sergio Guzman won his first event in Japan in 2016, but was forced to return to wildcard status after finishing 11th in 2017. The salsa dancer will show us his best moves from the 27m platform again this year.

Aidan Heslop (Great Britain)


Aidan Heslop became the youngest ever person to compete in a World Series event in 2018. And at last season's finale in Spain, the promising 17-year-old Brit showed just how good he is with a sensational 3rd place finish. What will 2020 hold for the cliff diving prodigy?

Kris Kolanus (Poland)


Kris Kolanus was the first diver to ever regain permanent status after dropping down into the wildcard pool. The 33-year-old enjoyed three seasons back in the top 10, scoring a stunning first and only victory in Texas in 2018, before dropping out of the qualifying group once again in 2019.

Slavik Kolesnikov (Ukraine)


Slavik Kolesnikov only launched his cliff diving career in 2017, but the cheerful 37-year-old will be aiming to impress the judges once again in 2020.

Catalin Preda (Romania)


His reputation preceded him, so when Catalin finally earned his spot in the World Series the judges, sports director and even the most decorated athletes watched him closely. The athlete from Bucharest didn't disappoint. With a brand new and highly complex dive he finished his first competition in 3rd place in 2018. Watch out for the talented Romanian again this season.

Oleksiy Prygorov (Ukraine)


Oleksiy Prygorov, a 2008 Olympic bronze-medallist from the 3m springboard (synchro), had to start from the low side of the pool when he first switched to high diving. The 32-year-old earned his place in the permanent line-up in 2019, but couldn't quite hold onto it for another season. He'll be back as a wildcard in 2020.

Matthieu Rosset (France)


Matthieu Rosset will make his World Series debut when cliff diving returns to La Rochelle this June.

Owen Weymouth (Great Britain)


21-year-old Owen Weymouth, a 20m European champion, had his first showing from almost three times the Olympic diving platform height at the illustrious venue of the 2016 final showdown in the Dubai Marina. The Brit will continue living his cliff diving dream in 2020.