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Mat Cowen
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Reino Unido
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In September 2012 he came to the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire to watch the sixth stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series and to catch up with some of his former diving mates. After a short introduction to the sports director and the head judge, Matt Cowen got the chance to show his ability from 27m. The 28-year-old was immediately invited as a wildcard to the following day's competition and subsequently selected for the 2013 qualification competition.

After one fully-fledged season as a permanent diver, the man from Leeds once more joins the World Series as an invitee to the stop on his home turf in September.

Momentos destacados de su carrera

• 2013 - 5th Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Wales (GBR)
• Junior international medallist and senior national medallist standard by age 16
• First high dive from 27m at age 17